Series of Spaces III

KOKIMO premiered the piece, Series of Spaces III – Ubiquitous Prague in the Space Exhibition of PQ 2015. As our previous works, it explored the bounding surfaces of architecture and staging; spatiality, theatricality and experientiality.
We are interested in how architecture and space are experienced in varying contexts. For example, how does the history of a built enviroment or a foreign auditive stimulation influence our experience of the place? How does it feel to act unexpectedly in a certain urban context, as a group? How can different layers of time, space, experience and imagination be present and brought forwards, making them more intensively perceptible using a performative structure?
The performance was a dramaturgical, guided walking tour in three scenes. In all our performances, all members of the KOKIMO-group work as co-participants, enabling a shared and lived experience.

The piece was premiered on 21st of June 2015 in Prague at 6 pm.
KOKIMO-ensi-ilta oli Prahassa 21.6.2015 klo 18.

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Photos: KOKIMO

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