Fluid Stages Exhibition Showcases Finland at PQ19 in Prague 6.–16.6.2019


Exhibition of Countries and Regions: FINLAND

Fluid Stages

Curated by Art Collective KOKIMO

The starting point of the concept for Fluid Stages is an experience of the world as a scenographic landscape: as stage, as montage, as a series of scenes. By focusing one’s perception and sharpening the senses, the artworks included in the Finnish national exhibition enable a multisensory reading of various layers of existence.

Fluid Stages exhibition concept consists of
the exhibit including the ongoing site-sensitive installation by KOKIMO & 
the Fluid Stages Performance by KOKIMO and of seven independent performative satellite artworks around Prague.

The satellites are:

Acts of Care (2017–)
by Milla Martikainen, Kati Raatikainen, Petra Vehviläinen, Eero Erkamo, Sofia Simola

Mindscapes Landscapes (2017–)
by Alexander Salvesen, Eero Nieminen, Karoliina Kauhanen, Katriina Tavi and Pinja Poropudas

No Doubt (2019)
by Marja Uusitalo

Robot Loves: A Little Bit Closer (2019)
by Laura Sariola and Veikko Sariola

Sonic Presence of an Absent Choreography (2019)
by Anna Nykyri, Félix Blume, Veli Lehtovaara and Andrea Valencia

Suck My Chair (2019)
by Siru Kosonen, Hannah Maria Ouramo and Markus Lindén

World Space (2019)
by Kalle Rasinkangas

Fluid Stages is coordinated by the Finnish OISTAT Centre.

More information about Fluid Stages, the satellites and the exact Prague locations & timetables: www.kokimo.fi

Photo Collage: KOKIMO

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